About Us

About the Instructors

All of our instructors are "in the field" of education and are master integrators of technology to improve teaching and learning.

headshot3.jpgName/Role: Chad Kafka, Conference Chair & Instructor
Occupation: Middle School Computer Teacher & Technology Coach for Franklin Public Schools
Credentials: Google Certified Teacher, Adjunct Professor for Viterbo University, Business Owner
Email: chadkafka@gmail.com
Favorite Web 2.0 Tools: Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps
Skype & Twitter: chadkafka
Delicous: http://delicious.com/chadkafka

Name/RmyYearbookPhoto.jpgole: Tammy Lind, Instructor
Occupation: Technology Integration Teacher, School District of South Milwaukee & Director, Face to Face Professional Development The Stephens Group
Credentials: Adjunct Instructor: Cardinal Stritch University, Viterbo, UW-Milwaukee
Email: lind.tammy@gmail.com
Favorite Web 2.0 Tools: Google Docs, Voicethread, Twitter, Diigo
Skype & Twitter: Skype: tammy.lind Twitter: TamL17 Diigo: TamL17
Delicous: http://delicious.com/taml17

StephensTblog.jpgName/Role: Tammy Stephens, Instructor
Occupation: CEO of The Stephens Group, Doctoral Candidate Pepperdine University, CoSN Web 2.0 Strategist
Email: tstephens@thestephensgroup.com
Favorite Web 2.0 Tools: Twitter, Diigo
Skype: tstephens12
Twitter: tstephens

IMG_6903.JPGName/Role: Gail Potratz, Instructor
Occupation: K-8 school technology coordinator and teacher of grade 8 LA at Emanuel of New London, WI , Adjunct Professor for Concordia Universtity of Wisconsin, Mequon
Email: gail.potratz@gmail.com
Favorite Web 2.0 Tools: Wikis, Diigo, Animoto, and Voicethread
Skype: gpotratz Twitter: gailpotratz Diigo:http://www.diigo.com/user/gpotratz

jaegerc-lg.jpgName/Role: Connie Jaeger, Instructor
Occupation: Educational Consultant, Instructor Stephens Group PODetc
Credentials: Intel Teach Program Master Teacher, Adjunct Professor Cardinal Stritch University, UW Green Bay
Email: ccmjaeger@gmail.com
Favorite Web 2.0 Tools: Wikispaces, Google Docs, Delicious, Skype, Facebook
Skype: c_jaeger Twitter: ccjaeger Delicious: http://delicious.com/mac_tosh Diigo: cjaeger Wikispaces: http://ccmjaeger.wikispaces.com/

IMG_0297.jpgName/Role: Brian Gannon, Instructor
Occupation: High School Math Teacher, Computer Programming Teacher at South Milwaukee High School, Webmaster for SDSM, Member of Technology Integration Leadership Team
Email: gannonbp@yahoo.com
Favorite Web 2.0 Tools: Facebook, Twitter, Animoto, and Voicethread
Twitter: bpgannon
Delicous: http://delicious.com/BrianG