ACTIVITY: Colleges of MDMC Participants

View MDMC 2010 Colleges in a larger map

Above, we have created a Google Map for "Colleges of MDMC Participants ." During this workshop, we would like you to add your own 'map pin' with your name and your college's name as the Subject and in the body of the message, write a little blurb about when you attended your school. Also, try to add a link to your school's website within the blurb. We will show you how to add all these pieces during the session. Click here to launch the map.

Chad Kafka (Bradley)
I attended Bradley University from 1996-2001 and completed a Bachelors of Communications and Masters in Business.

Presentation Slides

User-Created Maps

  1. Go to
  2. Click the SEARCH OPTIONS link to the right of the search box
  3. Change the drop down to USER-CREATED MAPS
  4. Enter a topic and click the SEARCH MAPS button

See what you can find by others out there that have made USER-CREATED MAPS!

Examples of User-Created Maps For Classroom Use (maybe? :)

  • Earthquakes - Scientists can use Google Maps to track data like these examples below.
  • Civil War Maps **- we found many good and different maps of the civil war that used different features of My Maps. A few examples are below

  • Six Flags Theme Parks - notice the links and contact information when you click on a map pin
  • Presidential Historic Sites - creator is looking for collaboration on adding important Presidential Historic Sites to her map!
  • Google Certified Teachers - this map is of individuals and where they are from that have attended the Google Teacher Academies held around the country. Notice they replaced their "map pin" with a picture.