Congratulations to the 2010 ide@s Scholars!

ideas_logo.pngide@s provides Wisconsin educators with teacher-reviewed, standards-aligned lessons, interactive tools, video, high-quality digital images, and other resources for use in curriculum development and classroom learning.

Michelle Maniaci

Michelle is a Library Media Specialist at Luther Elementary at Fort Atkinson School District. She serves on the district technology committee and leads her school technology committee and works closely with her staff to integrate information technology skills into the curriculum.

Bob is a teacher of English at Homestead High School in the Mequon-Thiensville School District. He has been integrating 21st century literacy and technology skills into the traditional English B_Wells.jpegclassroom environment for a number of years. “I am very excited about participating in this year’s conference, but equally excited about the ‘low-tech’ camping adventure the following week! I believe our students need to stay 'connected' with the help of both Steve Jobs and John Keats.”

Tina Hill

Tina teaches sixth grade literacy and social studies at Templeton Middle School in the Hamilton-Sussex School District . “Our district is committed to teaching using 21st century skills. Therefore, I continue to try to communicate with my students using various methods while assisting with team work skills. I encourage them to self evaluate and tie their work into real life situations and realize their role in a global world.” Tina serves on curriculum committees in her district and acts as an informal leader to her Communication Arts colleagues.

Wendy Horsens

Wendy is a Library Media Specialist at Marcy Elementary in the Hamilton-Sussex School District. She has a range of experiences as an educator in all levels of K-12. She works closely with her staff to incorporate 21st Century Skills into the curriculum. “The best part is watching the enthusiasm of the students. They aren’t just sitting in a desk listening to the teacher, they are moving around asking questions and finding answers to the questions”.

Mary Salani

Mary Salani is a Teacher Consultant in Instructional Technology for the Kenosha Area School District.

Andrea Schmitz

Andrea (Smitz) teaches as a Library Media Specialist and Computer Skills Teacher at Orchard Ridge Elementary in the Madison School District. “I teach others to be media smart so the most accurate, effective and appropriate resources can be used”. She regularly shares information with her colleagues and serves on her school’s leadership team.

Jim Carlson

Jim teaches 7th and 8th grade Science at Washington Junior High School at Manitowoc Public Schools. Jim is a returning participant of MDMC. “After year’s conference I came away with several technology tools that I was able to use to both motivate my students and enhance my science instruction.”

Gwen Ficko

Gwen teaches Multimedia Communications at Lincoln High School at Manitowoc Public Schools. She incorporates communication, collaboration, team work, media literacy, academic rigor, information media and technology skills. “It is my belief that teachers need to meet students in their world if we are to educate students in 21st century skills”.

Danielle Penney

Danielle teaches Pre K-12 Visual Arts and Design for Mellen Schools. She uses 21st century skills by encouraging her students to use media based technologies to communicate their messages about the ever changing world around them. She is constantly re-evaluating and modifying the methods she uses to instruct her students and the curriculum she helps write for her school district.

Shelley Baertlein

Shelley teaches Special Education at Lakeshore Middle School in the Mequon-Thiensville School District. “By attending the Milwaukee Digital Media Conference over the past two years, I have been exposed to a wide variety of resources that have not only benefited my teaching practices but the students I support in a variety of ways. The knowledge I have gained about the variety of tools available has allowed me flexibility in getting student voices and ideas out more easily when before they may not have taken the chance to express themselves”.

Jude Kesl

Jude is a science specialist for Milwaukee Public Schools. She helps teachers integrate technologies such as Discovery Streaming, Inspiration, Kidspiration, Glogster, VoiceThread, Vocki and Blabberize.

Lynn Lewandowski

Lynn teaches music at Burdick in Milwaukee Public Schools. She uses a variety of technology with her students including PowerPoint, Keynote, Microsoft Word, Garage Band, and Smartmusic Software.

Anthony Lauer

Anthony is an Art Teacher at Oak Creek High School in the Oak Creek- Franklin School District. Anthony introduces technology in his department creating classes with 21st Century Skills that help students move into digital jobs after high school.

Kristen Lauer

Kristen teachers 9-12 Language Arts in the Oak Creek-Franklin School District. Kristan attended MDMC last year and as a result now has students use flip cams in her journalism classes. She is the go to person on her team for technology and has experience writing curriculum using Build Your Own Curriculum.

Robert Sawall

Robert teaches at St. John’s Lutheran School. Robert is a returning MDMC participant. “Ever since I took the conference, I have been praised as a technology guru for my classroom wiki”. He also serves on his school’s technology committee.

Kristan Mazemke
Kristan is a foreign language teacher at Slinger High School. She uses many forms of technology to facilitate language learning. She uses Web 2.0 resources to provide real life listening, speaking, and reading experiences for her students. Being aware of emerging technologies helps her mentor other teacher pursuing their national board certification.
Bonnie Helbach
Bonnie is a Library Media Specialist in the Stevens Point School District. She has a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology. She works with teachers to bring creative resources and lessons to help their students be creative and efficient users of technology and other media. She has provided professional development for other teachers in her district and has helped in the development of Language Arts Curriculum using the Understanding by Design Framework.

Carol Surges

Carol is a Library Media Specialist at McKinley Elementary in the Wauwatosa School District. She incorporates the ISTE NETS and AASL standards into her curriculum. She is also the district’s content Team Leader and helps keep her department focused on curricular changes needed to move their program forward in using 21st century skills.

Cassie Tadish

Cassie is a Library Media Specialist at Whitefish Bay High School. She is the Head Library Media Specialist in the district and serves on the District Technology Committee. She uses the K-12 Scope and Sequence for Library Media Skills that she helped write to work with teachers throughout the district to rewrite units at each grade level to incorporate information and technology skills into the curriculum.