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Skype is a free Voice Over IP software download for both Mac and Windows platform, as well as several mobile devices. You are able to talk for free using video and audio with any other person who has a Skype account. You may also call phone numbers for a fee. Use this tool as a means of communication between teachers, or use it as a learning tool with your students.

Getting Started With Skype
This video tutorial shows you how to login to Skype, create your username, create your profile and start finding people to connect with!


• Go to http://www.skype.com/ and click on the download tab.
• The latest version for the operating system of your computer should be listed.
• Click on the Download now button and follow all directions.

Creating an Account

• After downloading, Click on "Don't have a Skype Name?" and fill out information. (Choosing a Skype Name may require a few tries since that one you choose may be already taken.)

Signing On

- Enter your Skype Name and Password.
- Click on Sign In.


- Editing your profile
In the Skype window where all your contacts are listed, click on your name to open information about you.
SkypeEditProfile.jpgClick on Edit Profile.

A profile window appears. Fill in as much or as little information as you want.
Notice the "Details that only my contacts will see" and Private details".


- Turn off automatic open at login.
• Control-Click on the Skype icon on the dock and uncheck or check "Open at Login".

- Number of participants
• This is not limited, but if several people are in the same room, use the same computer to Skype or there will be a delay, static, and reverberation.

- Web Cam
• In order to use the video feature of Skype, you need a web camera on your computer.

- Microphone
• This is a must if you want your voice to be heard. You can use an internal or external microphone. You will get better quality with an external microphone because the sound from the speakers will not interfere.

- Headphones
• To assist in higher quality sound without static or reverberation, using headphones is an option. This will eliminate the sound from your computer's speakers and prevent it from interfering with the microphone. You may also wish to use a set of headphones with a built in microphone.

- Skype is a synchronous conversation, so plan ahead if you are using it with students.

Recording Your Skype Call

Mac Recording of Skype
Call Recorder: http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/
Call Graph free http://www.downloadsquad.com/2008/03/29/record-skype-calls-for-free-with-call-graph/

PC Recording:
Call Recorder Ecamm

Looking to record your Skype call? Jing is an option.


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