CalendarIcon.jpgMDMC 2010 SCHEDULE

Notes: This schedule is ever changing! Please check back often to see if any times or sessions have changed. Internet Access: mifi-small.jpgsymbol indicates sessions you will need MiFi access to get online. Please organize this with your group or if some of your group is not attending that session, please make arrangements to work with another group's MiFi.


  • 9am Registration & Continental Breakfast - Main Lobby / Windover Hall
    • Franklin participants register at appointed table
  • 9:30am Opening Session - Lubar Auditorium
  • ~10:15am Group Time West Galleria Tables
    • Meet your group at your table
    • Turn on and connect to MiFi so you can get online!
  • 10:50am Docent Tours - Meet in Lubar Auditorium
    • Museum Etiquette (Chad & Tammy L)
    • Visit your assigned museum piece and tour of the museum
  • 12pm Lunch! (Nearby Dining Options)
    • Instructor will meet at front lobby of West Galleria to travel to Lake View Market for those interested in discounted lunch
  • 1pm Copyright - Lubar Auditorium (Gail, Tammy S, Chelsea)
  • 1:45pm
    • Session 1A: Introduction to Diigo mifi-small.jpg - Lubar Auditorium (Tammy L & Chad-TC) Groups 9-16
    • Session 1B: Introduction to Diigo mifi-small.jpg - Quadracci (Brian & Tammy S-TC) Groups 17-24 (Windows)
    • Session 1C: Introduction to Diigo mifi-small.jpg - Northwestern Mutual (Connie & Gail-TC) Groups 1-8
  • ~2:30pm - Work Time with Group
    • Register and setup Diigo on your laptop
    • Conduct Research
    • Visit art piece to get ideas for research and timeline
  • 3:30pm Closing Session - Lubar Auditorium
    • Live Online Demo with Maggie Tsai (Diigo ) - How Is Research Changing in the Digital Age, Research Becoming Social
    • Brewers Tailgate Details for those attending Tailgate
    • Preview of Day 2 (video taping your Museum contact, working with video, optional sessions)
  • 4:30pm MDMC Closes
    • Instructors meet in Northwestern Mutual suite
  • "Homework"
    • If you haven't done so at this point, please make sure you have a Google Account created as we will be using this on Wednesday and during the rest of the week.
    • If you don't have one, create a free account for Wikispaces by clicking on "create account" Then head to and click "join this wiki" in the top left of the page.

Tuesday Night

WEDNESDAY, JULY 28clipart-flipcam.jpg

  • 9:30am Opening Session - Lubar Auditorium
    • Setting Up For the Day
    • Using a Flip Cam & Interview Tips (Chad)
  • 10am Live Skype with Derek Dukes - Introduction to Dipity and its Facilitation of 21st Century Skills
  • ~10:30am Work Time
  • 12pm - Lunch
  • 1-3pm Apple Mini Genius Bar - West Galleria (Jeremy, Apple)
    • Apple questions, demonstrations, products, iPads. Wander over and check things out!
  • 1pm Optional "Tools for Your Toolbag" Sessions
    • Session 1Mac: iMovie '09 for Mac - Lubar Auditorium (Chad)
    • Session 1PC: Picasa for Windows mifi-small.jpg - Northwestern Mutual (Tammy L)
  • 2pm Optional "Tools for Your Toolbag" Sessions
    • Session 2Mac: iMovie '09 for Mac - Quadracci Suite (Chad)
    • Session 2Mac: Picasa for Mac mifi-small.jpg - Lubar Auditorium (Brian)
    • Session 2PC: Windows Movie Maker mifi-small.jpg - Northwestern Mutual (Tammy S & Tammy L-TC)
  • 3:30pm Closing Session - Lubar Auditorium
    • Live Skype with Barry Britt from SoundzAbound - Integrating Audio with 21st Century Skills
    • Uploading Your Clips to YouTube mifi-small.jpg (Gail)
      • Logging in (Need Google Account )
      • Naming File / Descriptions / Tagging
      • Settings After You Upload Your File
  • 4:30pm MDMC Closes
  • "Homework"
    • Finish and upload your video clip(s) to YouTube - home internet will be quicker than at MDMC! :) Helpful resources are available on the YouTube page from today's session
    • Wear your BLACK MDMC Shirt for Thursday!

THURSDAY, JULY 29clipart-tshirt.jpg

Participants - please wear black MDMC shirts
  • 9am Opening Session - Lubar Auditorium
  • 9:45am Work Time
  • 11am TimeRime
    • Session 1A: TimeRime mifi-small.jpg - Lubar Auditorium (Tammy L & Gail-TC) Groups 1-8
    • Session 1B: TimeRime mifi-small.jpg - Quadracci (Brian & Connie-TC) Groups 9-16
    • Session 1C: TimeRime mifi-small.jpg - Northwestern Mutual (Chad & Tammy S-TC) Groups 17-24 (Windows)
  • 12pm Lunch
  • 1-3pm Apple Mini Genius Bar - West Galleria (Jeremy, Apple)
    • Apple questions, demonstrations, products, iPads. Wander over and check things out!
  • 1pm Wikispaces mifi-small.jpg - Lubar Auditorium (Connie & Brian-TC)
    • Join the MDMC2010Projects Wiki to post project pieces to your Group Page
    • Overview of how to edit and embed objects on a wiki page
    • Optional if you are proficient with using wikispaces
    • Must send at least ONE member from each team
  • 2pm Optional "Tools for your Toolbag" (not Mac or PC specific)
    • Session 2A: Voicethread mifi-small.jpg- Lubar Auditorium (Tammy L)
    • Session 2B: Google Maps mifi-small.jpg- Quadracci (Brian & Chad-TC)
    • Session 2C: Google Maps mifi-small.jpg- Northwestern Mutual (Tammy S & Gail-TC) Cancelled and will just do the 1 session in Quadracci
  • 3:30pm Closing Session
    • Paul Musegades, Apple - Mobile Learning in the 21st Century
    • What does the final project and Day 4 look like?
  • 4:30pm MDMC Closes
    • Note: The Art Museum is open late on Thurs if you would like to stay later to see the galleries.
    • Instructors meet in Northwestern Mutual suite
  • "Homework"
    • Mobile App(s) to Share? We're looking for any mobile apps you might use on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or other device. Could be something for school, professional, personal or fun reasons to share out at a Friday session! Help us out by filling out this form .
    • Web resources?? We're looking for some ideas from participants on Web resources (sites, apps, plugins) you use or find useful for a Friday presentation. Help us out and share a few by filling out this form


If you are taking the conference for credit you need to complete the 21st Century Skills Reflection .
Note: Your response should be of graduate quality. More information about 21st century skills.

  • 9am Opening Session - Lubar Auditorium
    • 9:15am Live Skype with Dan Merritts - How Social Media Can Be Used to Promote 21st Century Skills
    • Explanation of Friday's offerings and work time
    • Requirements before 2:30pm Closing Session
  • 9:45am Moodle Sign-Up Session for ide@s Scholars & Interested Individuals (Connie) - Northwestern Mutual
    • Login to Moodle for Optional 3rd Credit (15 - 30 min)

NOTE: All sessions from 10am-2:30pm are purely optional and are setup for you to attend if you are interested in the topic. The closing session at 2:30pm is required.

  • 10am Franklin Participants (Wendy ~ 30 min) - Lubar Auditorium
    • Required for Franklin participants only. Third credit and in-district work will be explained.
  • 10:30am
    • Session: Mobile App Share Out - Lubar Auditorium (Chad, Tammy L and others)
      Have a mobile device (iPhone? Android? iPad? Blackberry? other?) and got a cool app to share? Something that makes your life easier? A fun and addicting game? Participants can fill out this form here to share Apps: Mobile App Share Out Form / Listing of Shared Apps
    • Session: Advaced Diigo - Quadracci (Tammy S)
      Want to learn MORE of the tricks, tips and features of Diigo? Tammy S will dive deeper into the power of Diigo and what else you can do with it beyond what we used it for this week.
  • 11:15am
    • Session: Google Docs (Chad) - Lubar Auditorium
      30-45 minute brief overview of some useful features in Google Docs (Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Drawings and Forms) that you could use for teaching, organizing, or collaborating. Will also include resources and a brief overview for how to make "online quizzes" using Forms.
  • 12pm Lunch
  • 1pm
    • Session: Twitter & Social Networking (Tammy L) - Northwestern Mutual
      This session will introduce Twitter and the power of "following" others and social networking. Great for personal and professional learning!
    • Session: What is Moodle? (Connie) - Lubar Auditorium
      Maybe you've heard of Moodle? Wondering what it is? Connie will show what Moodle is and how it can impact your classroom.
  • 1:30p
    • Session: Animoto (Brian) - Lubar Auditorium
      This session will introduce Animoto and show how it can be used to make quick, engaging slideshows. Will also discuss and share resources for Animoto in Education
    • Session: Google Earth (Tammy L) - Northwestern Mutual
      This session will be a basic introduction to Google Earth (free) and talk about classroom application.
  • 2pm
    • Session: Web Smackdown - Lubar Auditorium (Chad will lead with other instructors)
      Instructors & Participants will share Web apps (websites, tools, plugins) they find useful for all walks of life! Personal, Professional and Educational!
      Web Smackdown Form - submit your ideas!! / See the submitted list here

NOTE: Before attending today's Closing Session, please have your project completed and ready to be looked at by your Instructor/Advisor so he/she can sign-off that project is complete or close to complete by close of conference. Please make time frame arrangements with your instructor if project is not yet complete.

Please make sure you complete the following for MDMC:
  1. Take the MDMC2010 Exit Survey for a chance to Win a Flip Camera!
  2. If you are taking the conference for credit you need to complete the 21st Century Skills Reflection .

  • 2:30pm (change from original 3pm time) Closing Session - Lubar Auditorium
    • Closing Keynote by Jeff Horney - Introduction to Ide@s Web Portal
    • Sharing of Final Projects (Chad)
    • Face to Face Professional Development Opportunities (Tammy L)
    • Instructor Toasts
  • 4:30pm MDMC Closes